Sowing some wild seeds in 2021

We are really excited to be part of Avon Valley Project and Devon Wildlife Trust.

The Avon Valley project aims to restore and re-connect precious wildlife habitat by working with landowners to restore wildflower-rich grasslands, improve woodlands for wildlife and monitor water quality in the river Avon. We bought our seeds through a Crowd Funder and Devon Meadow Makers and they should arrive soon!

The good news is that where wildflower meadows have been lost – anywhere in Devon - they can be restored to richness, colour and life. There are different methods for restoring or re-creating wildflower meadows. Devon Wildlife Trust has for years been working with landowners to do just that.

To make a meadow for wildlife on a patch of grassland you just need time, the most suitable wildflower seeds, access to the right equipment and the knowledge to manage a meadow successfully in its earliest stages.

Fingers crossed the seeds like the soil!

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