The Joy of Oregano

I am having a bit of a love affair with oregano, using it fresh for making for a pot of tea in the Polytunnel, drying it for future products and giving it to my chickens and dogs. The Ancient herb was originally found in the mountains in Greece and named Aros and Ganos 'Joy of the Mountain' and is still woven into the crown worn by brides. Love a good back story!

This plant is the one of the most amazing antiseptics due to its high Thymol content and as I recently discovered great for treating my poorly chicken. Ive since found out that Oregano is being studied by the poultry industry for its natural antibiotic properties. It’s thought to combat coccidiosis, salmonella, infectious bronchitis, avian flu and E. coli. Is this herb too good to be true? Possibly, but what is known is that oregano is a healthy addition to a chicken’s diet and they love it. I feed them fresh but you can mix dry to their feed. Each hen will eat as much or as little as she wants or needs. For the poorly chicken I made up some oregano oil and give her a few drops every other day. She still with us so I am hopeful.

Oregano is packed with vitamins, including E and K, plus calcium and antioxidants. It also supports immune-system and respiratory health. I now add it to my dogs food along with their vegetables and of course we use it in our cooking.

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