The Patient Gardener

Its been a glorious April so far, lots of seeding, planting and growing and new things popping up. There has also been lots of shrieks from me of 'Look what I have found' to what is that? We call these 'it must be something, lets wait and see'! So I will be patient and wait to see what unfolds in the coming weeks. Some of the culinary herbs like Sage, Thyme and Mint are thriving, the Lovage we planted last year has just reappeared and looks healthy which made me very happy as I love it!, The medicinal herbs we planted last year such as Valeriam, Bergamot, Sweet Woodruff, St John's Wort, Chamomile, Arnica and Eve of Primrose all survived. Lavender not so good so we may have to move it. Lots to do, still lots to learn and a few new herbs to try and grow.

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