Violets, my morning walk and India

I have been blown away by the abundance of vilolets on my walk along the Devon Banks this year, I eat them daily as I walk along, they grow in our field too so I dry a few as they are so pretty, make tea with them as I know they have lots of good medicinal benefits and take lots of photographs.

Last night I chatted to my friend who I travelled to India with many years ago whose family are in Delhi, I was asking how they were. I was even more blown away to hear her family have been keeping well during this awful crisis by taking their mothers ancient herbal remedies. Of course `I asked what they were taking....Gul Banafsha..In English Viola Odanata 'Violets'.

Jinders Mother and her Mother have used this herb to help congestion, coughing, clearing the lungs and bronchitis, taken as warm herbal tea.

Today I have ordered some organic Viola Obanta seeds and will grow more and perhaps one day grow enough to make a herbal tea blend at Herb Heaven Devon..

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