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Hawthorn Tea-Pouch




You could say this tea is 'All Heart' The hawthorn tree gives us beautiful white blossom and pretty leaves in the spring and stunning red berries in the autumn. We forage these respectfully from within our land in South Devon. We then wash, dry and store them ready for tea production.

May help to lower blood pressure, loaded with antioxidants, may help reduces anxiety, often used to aid digestion.

From seed to cup, nearly of our herbs and flowers are grown by us, hand picked, hand blended and hand packed. Where additional herbs are required we source from local like minded businesses.

Always best to check with your health professional.

Available in the following sizes

Jar-Reusable air tight Jar (20-30 cups)

Pouch-Resealable 30g Pouch (20-30 Cups) can be used as a refill for the jars.

Ingredients: Hawthorn leaves (40%) Hawthorn berries (40%) Hawthorn flowers (20%)



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