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Sage with Lemon Balm and Lemon Verbena Herbal Tea-Jar





Sage,Lemon Balm & Lemon Verbena is a refreshing yet soothing herbal tea and has a delicate, sweet flavour with a hint of mint from the sage & a hint of citrus form the lemon balm.  Naturally caffeine-free and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It May  help with those hot flushes, sore throats, anxiety and clarity of thought, what’s not to like!

From seed to cup, most of our herbs and flowers are grown by us, hand picked, hand blended and hand packed. Where additional herbs are required we source from local like minded businesses.

Always best to check with your health professional.

Available in the following sizes

Jar-Reusable air tight Jar (20-30 cups)

Pouch-Resealable 30g Pouch (20-30 Cups) can be used as a refill for the jars.

Ingredients: Sage (50%) Lemon Balm (35%) Lemon Verbena (15%)




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